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Thank you for pre-ordering Everything I Learned About Racism I Learned In School!

Thank you for reading This Book Is Anti-Racist!

Thank you for using the journal!

Thank you reading The Antiracist Kid!

For all inquiries about school visits, speaking engagements, events, keynotes, panels, conferences, etc.:

Please reach out to my amazing booking agents!

You can book all the things with Pande Lecture Management! 

For all media and publicity inquiries specific to This Book Is Anti-Racist and the This Book Is Anti-Racist Journal:

Please reach out to Mel Schuit of Quarto Knows.

For all media and publicity specific to The Antiracist Kid:

Please reach out to John Sellers at Clarion/Versify of Harper Collins.

For all rights inquiries:

Please reach out to my agent, Ayesha Pande of APL (Ayesha Pande Literary) Agency.

Please know I am currently working on multiple projects, meeting deadlines, and mama-ing and thus very slow to respond to email.

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