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Tiffany Jewell

Fun Fast Facts!

My favorite colors are purple and red. 

I love Black Bears.

My favorite snacks are milk chocolate, almonds with goat cheese, and Gala apples.

My favorite books when I was a kid were:

my teacher is an alien.jpeg
the babysitters club.webp
a chair for my mother cover.jpeg

My official bio:

Tiffany Jewell is a Black biracial writer, twin sister, first generation American, cisgender mama, anti-bias antiracist (ABAR) educator. She is the author of the #1 New York Times and #1 Indie Best Seller, This Book Is Anti-Racist, a book for young folks [and everyone] to support waking up, taking action, and doing the work of becoming antiracist. Tiffany is currently working on multiple book projects for readers of all ages.


She has been working with children and families for nearly two decades and worked as a Montessori educator for fifteen years. She enjoys exploring social justice with young folks, especially the history of racism and resistance, economic justice, and socially and personally constructed identities. Tiffany also likes working with educators and supporting them building strong, authentic communities in which every child can be seen and valued. 


Tiffany lives on the homeland of the Pocumtuc, Nonotuck, and the Nipmuck with her two young storytellers, husband, a small dog with a big personality, and a turtle she’s had since she was nine years old. 

You may book classroom/school author visits, speaking engagements, events, keynotes, panels, conferences, etc. with Pande Lecture Management! 

Connect with Tiffany via social media- @tiffanymjewell.

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